Our Projects

Our projects are based on a thorough study of the game design and the technical part of the product. We closely follow the trends in the market of computer games and applications and use the best practices in our work

Battle Fridge

Cool platformer with puzzle and shooting elements. Aliens have taken over the planet, and you have been turned into a living refrigerator. Jump on jelly, throw burger bombs at aliens, shoot hot sausage and save the planet!

Screenshot_20220309-140407_Battle Fridge.jpg
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Industrial Painting 3D

The main feature of the simulator is the use of a real physical model of spraying and applying primer, paint, etc. calculated in real time.

Pierce Em All

Simple game about sharp objects in which you need to impale various characters and have fun! After piercing, a surprise flies out of the dolls!



A puzzle about the adventures of a thief who wants to steal treasures. The game has a lot of logical puzzles and interesting locations. Steal the treasure first!